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General Couponing

How Can I Get Started?

See the “Get Started” page for some couponing 101! 

What are some couponing abbreviations?

There a bunch of abbreviations in the couponing world.  Here are a few you’ll find frequently on deals posted here:

Coupon Insert Abbreviations:
These all refer to a type of coupon insert that comes with Sunday newspapers (Sunday newspapers are where all paper coupons come from). This is usually paired with the date that the insert came out (example: SS 03/25 means the coupon was in the Smartsource insert in the Sunday newspaper on March 25th.)

SS– Smartsource Insert

UNI – Unilever Insert

P&G– Procter and Gamble (P&G) Insert

SAVE – Save Insert

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. (Certain aspects of the deal will vary by account or region.)
WYS –  When You Spend. (How much you need to spend in order to get the deal.)

WYB – When You buy. (Usually the amount of items you need to purchase or a certain item you need to purchase in order to get the deal.)

KCB– Kroger Cash Back

BOGO – Buy One, Get one.

GC– Gift Card

MFR– Manufacturer

OOP– Out of Pocket (what you’ll pay in real money)

CAT– Catalina coupon that prints at registers when you purchase a certain number of products.

OYNO – On Your Next Order. Usually referring to a catalina coupon (see ‘CAT’ above) that will give you $ off next time you shop.


Coupon Limits Fine Print

At the bottom of coupons you’ll find all the details you need to know about how many of the coupons you can use in a transaction. In general this can be a bit confusing because of the wording. Cashiers often misinterupt the verbiage on the coupons and may try to tell you  that you cannot use multiple coupons because of this.

Limit one coupon per purchase – This means you can only use one coupon per item purchased. For example; if you have two manufacturer coupons for $1.50 off toothpaste, you cannot combine them on one item and get $3.00 off that item. You can however buy two items and get $1.50 off each of them (unless stated otherwise).

Limit one like coupon per customer/transaction/day – This is different than above in that you can only use one coupon in a transaction, even if you buy multiple of the same items. For example, if you bought two toothpastes you could only use 1 coupon in the transaction.

Another example:
Dove body wash $2 off coupon states: LIMIT ONE (1) COUPON PER PURCHASE on product/quanity specified and MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) IDENTICAL COUPONS ALLOWED in one shopping trip.
Using this as an example, you can buy two Dove body washes and use two coupons. If you buy three body washes you still will only be allowed to use two coupons.

What apps do I need to coupon?

Whichever store you plan on couponing at, it is always a good idea to download that store’s app. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll have to create one. For a lot of retailers this is how you’ll be able to clip digital coupons that will come off at checkout.
In order to get the best deals, cash back apps are key! Check out the cash back essentials page for the apps I use!

Store coupons vs. manufacturer coupons

For the most part, there are two types of coupons; store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Store coupons are issued by the retailer and that discount comes out of the pocket of the retailer. Manufacturer coupons are issued directly from the manufacturer of the item. Newspaper coupons and printable coupons are mostly manufacturer coupons. When you use these at stores, the manufacturer will reimburse the store for the amount of the coupon.
Most stores policy will let you stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon on one item. This can result in some great deals ( and even better if there’s cash back). See the stacking coupons graphic for more!

Target Couponing

What do I need to get started couponing at Target?

In order to save digital coupons or some promotions, you are gonna need to create an account! I also recommend downloading the app to help clip digital coupons while you are in store or check out if an item qualifies for a promotion.  Creating an account also allows you to place pickup orders.

In order to get the digital coupons to come off in-store you will need to enter in your phone number at checkout, you can do this at self-checkout as well!

Can I use coupons at self-checkout?

Yes! At Target self-checkout , scan all your items then scan any paper coupons before pressing pay. After you scan your coupons, the self checkout attendant will come over and collect them. Digital coupons will apply automatically after inputting the phone number associated with your account.

Can I get Target gift card promotions at self-checkout?

Yes! After you are finished scanning your items and coupons, press ‘Pay’ at self-checkout. If you have the qualifying items in the transaction then you will be prompted to scan a gift card for it to load. Gift cards are generally located directly above the register or you can grab one before getting to checkout. Scan it and be on your merry way.

How many times can I do a gift card deal?

This depends on the type of gift card promotion. If it is a gift card promotion to buy a certain amount of items like ‘buy 4, get a $5 gift card‘ then you can do it as many times as you like in one transaction or multiple. 

If the promotion requires you to spend a certain amount, like ‘Spend $40, get a $10 gift card‘ then you can only do it once in a transaction but usually you can do as many transactions as you like.

This is just a general rule and special promotions may differ.

Can I do a "same day order services" gift card deal in-store?

Target is kind of weird with how they label gift card deals in the app and online. If the gift card deal states “same day order services” then you can do that deal in-store, for pickup, or for delivery but you cannot do it for shipping. If the promotion states “online only” then you can do it for pickup, for delivery, or for shipping but it will not usually work in-store. There may also be some in-store promotions that are not listed in the app and are only valid in-store.

Some special promotions however may differ.

How many times can I use a circle offer?

This depends! If you see a % off circle, it could be an item-level store coupon and can be used 4 times in one transaction and up to 6 transactions per day. If it is a $ off circle, it is most likely single time use.  If it is a $x off $x circle then it is most likely single time use as well.
To make sure, click on the details of the circle offer and scroll down to the fine print where it should state its limit.

Kroger Couponing

What do I need to get started couponing at Kroger?

In order to save digital coupons or some promotions, you are gonna need to create a Kroger account! A lot of sale prices at Kroger will only apply at register if you enter in your alt-id  so even if you have no coupons to use, make sure to always enter in your number. 
Your Kroger account is where you can clip digital coupons that will come off at the register and also clip Kroger cash back offers. I also recommend downloading the app to help clip digital coupons while you are in store.


Can I use coupons at self-checkout?

Yes! At Kroger self-checkout , scan all your items then enter in your alt-ID and go to pay. On the payment screen there will be a button to press that you have coupons. After pressing, scan the barcode of each coupon and press done. The self checkout attendant will come over and collect them. Digital coupons will apply automatically after inputting your alt-ID.

When is Kroger's sale week?

A new sale week starts every Wednesday. Most often, mega sale events or 5x use coupon events last two weeks but some prices could change when the second week begins. 

How does the mega sale work?

Kroger has a few different mega sale that will require you to buy a certain amount of items to get a $ amount off each item. My personal favorite is the “buy 5 or more, get $1 off each”. For these sales you do not have to buy the same item, you can always mix and match participating items to get the $ amount off at checkout. For example, in the last mega sale I bought (2) Love Corn products, (1) True Lemon product, (2) Better Oats products, and (1) Ocean spray product. Since I purchased 6 mega sale items, I got $6 off automatically at checkout.  You can combine the mega sale discounts with store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and cash back.


How do you use Kroger Cash Back?

Go into the Kroger Cash Back section of the app or website and while logged into your account click “get cash back” to save the offer. After shopping and using your account at checkout, the cashback offers should disappear from your saved offers and the cash back will be credited within 72 hours. You can cash out at $20 with Paypal or you can cash out any amount onto your shoppers account and use it next time you shop! You can not use manufactuer coupons with Kroger Cash Back, however, you can use any store coupons.
For more information on the Kroger Cash Back program see the full article here. 

Will Kroger deals work at my affiliate store? (Marianos, Ralphs, etc)

From what others have told me, Kroger deals will be available at affiliate stores around 80% of the time. Since I don’t have any affiliate stores near me, I can never be certain so double check that sale prices and cash back offers are valid at your store beforehand.

Where to get printable coupons


You’ll find tons of different printable coupons here and they constantly release new ones (mostly on Sundays). You’ll need to verify with a phone number to print.

P&G Everyday

P&G Everyday offers coupons on P&G products (perfect for Target laundry deals) as well as rebates and sweepstakes. Most coupons have a limit of 1.

Kelloggs Rewards

Kelloggs Coupons offers free coupons for select Kelloggs products. You don’t need an account but you’ll need to verify a phone number in order to print.