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About Me

Creating Total Savings

I first started couponing in 2018, roughly one year after moving to the states. After traveling for a few years, I was ready to start being more proactive with paying off my student loans. I started off looking at breakdowns online and doing small couponing trips using just digital coupons.  I was absolutely fascinated by the amazing deals, freebies, and even moneymakers you could get so easily. A big part of that was the awesome coupon creators on social media. I started a separate Instagram account so that I could switch over from my personal account and see posts only related to couponing and save breakdowns of deals I wanted to do.

As I grew more confident with couponing, I started to put together breakdowns of my own and shared them on forums, with other couponers, and eventually on my Instagram.

Although I didn’t post very consistently, when my account got hacked and there was no getting it back, I realized how much I loved getting to connect with others by sharing breakdowns, clearance finds, and online deals. With Total Savings, I hope that I can help others get a better understanding of couponing by creating easy to follow deals and assisting with any questions on how to get started.

A Little Bit About Me

Originally from Ontario, Canada, I moved to the U.S. in 2017 with my then-boyfriend-now-husband after we had been abroad for a few years. We met in South Korea in 2014  and afterwards both made the move to Germany for a few years. While savings is a big passion of mine, travelling has always been my other love and the two don’t always go together. Did I spend most of my paychecks in Korea and Germany on adventures, good food, and travel? Yup.  Did I put any extra towards my student loans like I said I was going to? No.

This is where couponing and online deals came in. I have saved thousands of dollars each year while still enjoying things I love, donating tons of products, and even getting to splurge on things I never would have before.

Mitch and I got engaged in 2019 and started planning a May 2020 wedding. When the world started to  shut down, we had to switch up plans. With my family and friends not being able to come down from Canada, we decided to elope at an Air BnB cabin with just our photographer and a friend who officiated. Even though it wasn’t our first (or second) plan, having a day where we could just focus on each other ended up absolutely perfect.

Just a girl, standing in front of a self-checkout, asking it to please take off all of my digitals

Showcasing couponing breakdowns for Target, Kroger, and sharing deals you don’t even need to leave the house for!